ALLENPRICE International is a leading headhunting consultancy with global reach.
Thanks to our innovative approach we have established a solid and lasting partnership with top tier worldwide Companies that hand picked us in the first place. Through the years we have been growing along with our clients; who not only share our methodology and professionalism, but show their trust driving us with continuous challenges. We strive to support our clients with a thorough guidance in finding the most appropriate candidates who will contribute to the improvement of their organization.

We are committed to a focused and timely search aiming for the perfect match at all times. We strongly believe in the meaning of our job: a long lasting match.

"Excellence is not an act, but the continuous search behind the habit."


Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, truthful effort, and intelligent execution; it  is a rigorous and tight process  that aims at the highest quality. We work every day to wisely aim for excellence in every step of the process. For us, excellence is a consequence of our dedicated actions.

We strongly believe that thinking out of the box is an important added value. We trust that a flexible approach, a meticulous process along with a continuous search for innovation – not only in the perspective, but also in the tools and analysis – will allow us to constantly improve our results. Therefore every day we work following this path.

We believe that  a healthy relationship with our partners – both clients and candidates – is the foundation of our job. Honesty and professionalism are for us the cornerstone of this relationship. This approach requires dedication, energy and courage. This is the main challenge that we proudly face every day.