Head Hunting

Thanks to our attention to understand the needs trough constant interaction with the client we reach the elevate understanding  of the business environment, the client’s values, and its targets.

Allenprice approach and methodology starts from strong sector knowledge of partners, long experience in head hunting and consistent and severe methodology in order to identify the right candidate for each different client.

Defined a most suitable search strategy we create a companies target list and we arrive to identify the candidates through a direct search activites managed from close collaboration of the search team. We use different tools and interview techniques to evaluate the professional skills, intelligence, personality, and motivations of the most promising candidates

The interview process goes into depth to gain a more detailed understanding, we may also involve psychological expertise and Assessment Centre techniques with a safe methodology like questionnaire and other tools developed and certificated in partnership with  the best professional expert.

We then assist the client and the candidates in the subsequent interviews, and we provide consultancy in determining the contractual and financial package on offer.

We subsequently provide follow-up and support during the resource’s settling-in phase at the company in order to guarantee the choice that has been made. As your partners, we will play an active role in terms of the candidate’s integration in you work group, monitoring his/her progress, growth and success.


Allenprice uses the best tools and the most effective and innovatives analysis techniques. These predictive tools are employed to identify a series of attitudinal and behavioural characteristics that are necessary for the best possible fulfilment of a more complex company role.

Using the Assessments we simulate specific situations that closely resemble the role to be carried out and highlight the potential of the resource in order to evaluate career moves or define sets of skills. Via both the individual Allenprice outlines a broad and comprehensive personality overview with regard to relational skills and relationships with working and production activities.

According to requirements and situation, we use the Behavioural Model, whose evaluators are chosen from among company managers or directors two or three levels above participants, or the personality model, where there is a clear separation between technical observations on personality characteristics and decisions on career development.

The determination and evaluation of personality characteristics is entrusted to a team of psychologists which, for those projects assigned, analyse key spheres beginning with the observation of three areas:

  • intellectual area: solving complex problems; solving operational problems; flexibility of thought; ability to innovate;
  • managerial area: speed and frequency of decision making; high-risk decision making; ability to accomplish goals; organisation skills;
  • relational area: management and development of colleagues; management of influential situations; ability to integrate and management of interfunctional relations.

Market Mapping

The human resources framework facilitates the process of obtaining extensive information that can be found on the market and which can be used to understand the strategies of Italian and international markets.

Our “MAPPING” service allows to meet the requests of those who need detailed practical information about the market and/or the competition.

Interpreting the organisational models of the market provides deep insight into the methods adopted by the competition to better understand the business and obtain useful information for the board.